5 Mistakes When Buying Wheels And Tires

5 Mistakes When Buying Wheels And Tires

If you’re considering the option of replacing your wheels it’s likely that you could be seeking advice on how you can preserve your budget and make the right choices for your upcoming wheel purchase. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people are making as they purchase new tires and wheels:

Not Considering The Fitment

Fitment includes the diameter, offset, and width of the tire. Negative offsets will push the tire out more and positive offsets will suck in the tire. With changes in diameter, you want to make sure that you can find a fitment that will suit your wheel without impacting the inside wall or rubbing along the tire. Problems with the fitment can lead to excess wear on the tire, the chance that it may not fit correctly, or the chance that you could experience a wide range of performance issues by installing the wrong tire configuration. 


The true direct channel takes place on both sides of the vehicle when they’re moving the same way or when there are two different sets of wheels on each side of the vehicle. With a forged wheel that is directional, you can get a proper wheel that offers extra grip. These types of wheels can only be mounted one way and they can be a little bit less expensive in off-road varieties but often require added costs for a fully forged directional solution. 

Rubber Quality

Many people get distracted by flashy rims and they forget about how important the tires may be. Keeping yourself safe and making sure that you have optimal performance means never skimping on the quality of your tires. If you have a vehicle that you are just keeping in the garage, selecting the rims first will often be the best course of action for getting the look that you want. You can choose tires as an afterthought for a showroom vehicle but a performance vehicle needs to have tires that can get real mileage and grip. 

Standard And Metric

Understanding the sizing for your vehicle using metrics can be important. Metric and standard conversion calculators can help but it’s important to locate your vehicle diagnostics and to determine what tire will appropriately fit on your wheel in its stock format. As you consult your owner’s manual make sure that you’re always picking wheels that are going to be compatible with your vehicle and its current configuration. Standard and metric can be confusing especially if you have an American made car or a vehicle that has only standard instructions as you are trying to buy European made wheels and tires. Using a conversion or choosing a standard size wheel can be a huge help here. 

Not Considering Wheel And Tire Packages

Getting a wheel and tire package can often be an excellent way to you can save money in the purchase process. If you like the look of a certain set of rims it could be more advantageous to consider purchasing a wheel and tire package so that the wheels can come mounted and balanced as well is shipped to your doorstep. Wheel and tire packages are a simple way that you can save money and improve the strength and integrity of your tire and wheel packages. 

If you would like to learn more about the top mistakes that people make in the process of purchasing tires or you could use assistance in purchasing wheels and tires for your own vehicle, contact us today for more information. 


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