Are Larger Tires and Wheels Better for Off-roading?

Are Larger Tires and Wheels Better for Off-roading?


If you are spending a good amount of time off-roading, then there is no longer an excuse to be still riding around on your stock tires. 

Some of you may be thinking “do larger tires and wheels actually make much of a difference for your off-roading experience? Well, it absolutely does!

The Larger the Better 

One of the issues with going off-roading with your factory stock tires is the simple fact that they are just not built for the job. The stock tires installed by the factory are usually smaller tires that are more geared towards creating fuel economy, rather than expert off-roading experiences. While fuel economy is important, it is less of a priority when it comes to off-roading than things like larger wheels and tires. 


Types of Tires


One of the most important things to think about when you are selecting the best tires for you is the terrain you will be riding on. For example, if you are going to be riding through the mud, you will need mud tires. These will not lead to a great ride on the road, but you will be a lot less likely to get stuck in the mud when zipping around. Mud tires are specifically designed to be able to move the mud out of your way in order to keep you from getting stuck in place. 

If your off-roading adventures will likely be seeing you ride around on a lot of different surfaces, then you will need a tire that will give you what you need from every terrain type. All-terrain tires tend to be the best option when you are looking at this type of off-roading adventure.


Size Matters


When it comes to matching the wheel size to your tire you have to make sure that you never select a wheel that is more than 50 percent the diameter of your tires. Making sure you keep your wheel and tire ratio within this realm helps you maintain a good sidewall height. This process helps your off-road experience by balancing the flex of your ride allowing the tire to be able to absorb all of the bumps of your off-road rides leading to a smoother, more exciting ride. 


Larger Wheels


The larger the wheels, the better. However, you have to make sure that you also follow through with: The wider the wheel, the wider the tire. When you keep this combo in check, you will dramatically improve the flow of your off-roading ride. This combo keeps the patch - or the portion of the tire that makes contact with the ground - the largest it can be. This will help you keep a lot of traction, which is vital when it comes to climbing rocks, gripping through mud, darting across gravel, and plowing through sand dunes.

There are a few factors that you need to consider when thinking of wheels: 


Where are you riding: The terrain you will be playing on matters the most. While all off-roading wheels are rugged, you will need different specific requirements for climbing rocks than you would be crawling through mud.

Weight: The total weight of your off-roading vehicle will come into play for wheel decisions, as well. Depending on if you are off-roading for leisure, or for sport, you will want to balance the weight of your wheels and vehicle accordingly. Cast alloy wheels are the best option for having large wheels without adding a huge amount of weight. 

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