Does Changing Wheel Size Affect The Speedometer?

Does Changing Wheel Size Affect The Speedometer?

If you are thinking about new wheels for your car or truck, you may be considering changing up the wheel size to improve performance. Adding aftermarket wheels and changing the size of your wheel can come with many questions such as if i change the size of my wheels will it also affect my speedometer? A larger wheel will indeed affect your speedometer and the way that it works. So it is important to work with a professional to install your wheels and then calibrate your speedometer effectively.

How A Speedometer Works

Any speedometer on your vehicle is calibrated for the factory stock size tires. This means that your speedometer will always be calibrated to the wheels that were designed for your vehicle. The calculation that the meter reads is based off of the ratio of the gears in your drive cable. For every revolution of your tire, the wheel is going to cover a certain distance and the speedometer is detailing the distances being covered in one spin of the wheel as the speed of the vehicle.

Upgrading your tire by 4 inches is not uncommon with OEM upgrades. This could mean covering up to 12 inches more ground in every revolution of the wheel. Even an upgrade of 1 inch on your wheels could mean covering 4-6% more ground and this means you could be going 4-6% faster than your speedometer may read. Your speedometer won’t know the difference and it will make a difference as long as you are choosing the original combined diameter of your wheel in a tire.

How You Can Change Your Wheel Size Without Affecting Speedometers

The easiest way to install your wheel is to change the standing height of the tire. By subtracting an inch from the standing height of the tire, or choosing a low profile tire to go with your rim, you can get the larger wheels that you’ve been looking for, without affecting your speedometer. Low aspect tires can be the easiest way that you can upgrade your wheels and not affect your speedometer.

Upgrading more than 3 inches could mean changing your wheel size completely and this will change speedometer functions. Upgrading under 3 inches can often mean you can use a low-profile tire quite easily.

There’s also some other dangers with adding extra mass as you could ruin your fuel efficiency, have problems with your suspension and more. Finding out if your vehicle could take a wheel as large as a 3 inch upgrade often means working with a professional to manage the details. A tire expert may be able to perform this change while introducing a series of fits that could lead to the larger tire being added with ease. Making sure you can stay safe on the road and that your vehicle remains safe to drive is important.

If you want to some of the best wheels on the market and a professional installation that will make sure you can stay safe on the roads, contact our staff today. We want to make sure you can have new wheels that will not overly affect your speedometer. We want to make sure you are getting the best wheels on the market and items that are installed professionally.

Contact us today and tell us about the wheels you would like to install. We can let you know more about the procedure for installation, how they may affect your vehicle performance and more.


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