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What’s The Best 4 Inch Lift Kit?

When seeking out a quality lift kit, most people look towards a four-inch lift kit because this is widely considered one of the tallest if you don’t want to make massive adjustments to your vehicle handling. Here are some of the best types of lift kits that are available for trucks in a for inch lift kit solution:

Off-Roading Wheels: Size Isn’t The Only Thing That Matters

Here are some of the best upgrades that you can make alongside larger tires to keep your vehicle traveling with ease over any terrain:

Tire Patterns And What They Mean

The tread on your tires is widely considered to be one of the most important features for safety on your vehicle. The pattern of tread on your tires can be one of the most specialized tools for grip that your car is using to maintain contact with the road.

Best Custom Wheels Tampa

If you are seeking the best custom wheels in Tampa it is wise for you to find a company that has the knowledge, skills and expertise to help you get the best in custom wheels for your vehicle.

Best Lift Kits Tampa

Installing a lift kit can require major modifications to your vehicle. If you have decided it’s time to install a lift kit to improve your off-road performance or to improve the look of your vehicle, getting the right installation team can be crucial. Here are some of the marks of quality you can find out about Wheel Identity

Professional vs DIY: How Much Does it Cost To Lift a Truck?

Here is a breakdown of some of the costs associated with lifting a truck so that you can make a decision on what would be right for your situation

How Can I Optimize My Lifted Vehicle’s Suspension

If you want to make sure that you can enjoy the best performance out of your off-road vehicle, here are some of the best ways to optimize a lifted vehicle. 

Awesome Wheels To Fit Dodge Ram Trucks

Here is a breakdown of some of the top manufacturers that you should consider for your Dodge ram.

What You Need To Know About Custom Lift Kits

Lift Kits not only improve the look of your vehicle but they can also be a functional improvement if you’re going to be going off-road. A lift kit could raise your vehicle by 12 inches or more.

When is it Time For a Wheel Alignment?

Getting a wheel alignment should be routine practice for a caring and knowledgeable car owner, especially the nicer your car and wheels become; keeping your wheels aligned is great for their health and adds lovegevity to your expensive investment. 

What’s The Difference Between All Season And Summer Tires?

Here are some of the main differences between all season and summer tires so that you can prepare for your tire replacement.

Does Changing Wheel Size Affect The Speedometer?

A larger wheel will indeed affect your speedometer and the way that it works. So it is important to work with a professional to install your wheels and then calibrate your speedometer effectively.

The Importance of Tire Rotations

One of the most important pieces of maintenance to improve the overall performance and efficiency of your vehicle means getting regular tire rotations. A quality tire rotation involves the process of moving your tires on your vehicle from one position to another

How To Clean And Polish Rims

If you’ve wondered how professional detailing places are able to clean and polish rims with such a high degree of precision, we’ve outlined a series of steps that can help you enjoy cleaner tires and rims.

What Makes All Terrain Tires Different?

All-terrain tires have a large group and tread pattern which can handle any type of material whether it’s mud, snow, or a big puddle. All-terrain tires also have a siping which can offer an extra level of grip when the tread comes into contact with a driving surface.

Are Larger Tires and Wheels Better for Off-roading?

Some of you may be thinking “do larger tires and wheels actually make much of a difference for your off-roading experience? Well, it absolutely does! Here we talk about why.

Staggered Wheels and Rims Explained

A pleasing aesthetic and a boost to your car’s performance are hardly the only benefits when it comes to staggering wheels and rims. Here are a few of the other benefits.

Are Larger Tires And Wheels Better For Offroading?

If you invest as much time offroad as you do on, why are you riding on factory tires? Are bigger wheels and tires much better for offroading? You bet! It's even worth the cost of a lift package to improve performance. Choose your tires first and then pick your wheels. Below is why larger is better.

Choosing The Right Aftermarket Wheels

Choosing a set of aftermarket wheels does not need to be a difficult process. Making the decision alongside an expert in aftermarket wheels can make sure that it can go smoothly.

What’s The Difference Between Offset And Backspacing?

Keep some of these top ideas in mind if you want to learn more about the fit and function of OEM wheels.

Are Wider Wheels Better?

Adding upsized wheels may not be the best option depending on what you drive, where you are driving and the performance that you would like out of your vehicle. Learn more here.
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